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you'll be ready to DJ.

Introducing Flow 2.5, the brand-new DJ Software from Mixed In Key.


Play a better DJ set every time:

Flow divides your music into smaller parts, and lets you re-arrange them live. While everyone else is playing the same music from iTunes and Beatport, your DJ mixing will sound completely original.

We believe that DJs are artists and not jukeboxes. If you want to play a flawless DJ set every time, discover Flow for yourself.

Watch the tutorial video:

Andy from Mixed In Key will show you how to mix in Flow:

Quote: "Flow’s simplicity is part of the beauty of the program. If you accumulate a great deal of Personalized tracks with your favorite Segments set for each one, you can have a lot of fun jumping around within a single track, or rapidly mixing through a large amount of Segmented tracks in a short time." - DJ Tech Tools

Get the whole suite

The world’s best DJs have been using our products for 7 years already. We've created Mixed In Key, Platinum Notes, MetaBliss, Mashup, iMashup and wrote the highest-rated book on Amazon about professional DJing: Beyond Beatmatching (Take Your DJ Career To The Next Level).

screenshot Start with Flow 2.5, and add other products later on. Flow comes with Free Lifetime Updates for a limited time.

Want to understand the software better? Read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Get Flow 2.5 for $58 now:

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