Flow DJ Software

Use it to play perfect DJ sets, radio shows and podcasts.

What makes Flow unique?

Flow analyzes your music and splits each song into smaller parts. You can play these parts separately and remix live.

You have the power to change every track you play. While everyone else is playing iTunes and Beatport Top 100 music, you can customize each track LIVE to create a unique DJ set every time. Flow's goal is to make you stand out.

We designed Flow for professional DJs

When you're at home, use Preparation to get your music organized -- it's like iTunes for DJs. When you're playing live, use the Play screen which is clear and easy to use. When you want to save your mix to an audio file, use the Export screen.

You can even type in your own DJ name into the top-left corner of the software. Get a little more promotion for yourself.

See the screenshots:

Flow works with your favorite MIDI controllers

We own Native Instruments, Pioneer, Reloop, Numark, Allen & Heath and many other MIDI controllers. We made sure that Flow supports all of them. You can use your laptop's touchpad to control the software, or just plug in your favorite hardware with a USB cable.

It's guaranteed to work, or your money back.

Use the best "harmonic mixing" software in the world

Our company created the award-winning Mixed In Key. Flow is the evolution of that. It's the most harmonic DJ mixing product on the planet.

One of our favorite features in Flow is the patent-pending "Energy Level" detection. Let's imagine that all the music in the world can be analyzed on an "Energy Level" scale of 1 to 10. If you listen to classical music, the energy level is around 1 or 2. Lounge music is 2 or 3. House music starts around 4, while Afrojack-style tracks can get as high as 9 or 10. If the song makes people jump up and down like Daft Punk's "One More Time," it's typically a 10.

Flow automatically detects the Musical Key, Energy Level and BPM of every track in your music collection.


Record the perfect promo mixes, get more gigs

Our software automatically records every DJ set you play. You can export it and share it with your fans. Isn't the point of DJing to get more people to enjoy your mixing?

For DJs who like to create your current "Top 20" charts, Flow lists what tracks you played most often in the last week, last month and last 6 months. You can export that to a text file anytime.


Buy Flow after you watch this video

Andy from Mixed In Key will show you how to create a really good mix in Flow:

Quote: "Flow’s simplicity is part of the beauty of the program. If you accumulate a great deal of Personalized tracks with your favorite Segments set for each one, you can have a lot of fun jumping around within a single track, or rapidly mixing through a large amount of Segmented tracks in a short time." - DJ Tech Tools

We have a golden reputation in the DJ business

The world’s best DJs have been using our products for 7 years already. We've created Mixed In Key, Platinum Notes, MetaBliss, Mashup, iMashup and wrote a book for DJs called Beyond Beatmatching to help take your DJ career to the next level.

screenshot Flow combines all that knowledge, our best algorithms, design ideas and goals into one very potent $58 product. It's made to help you stand out.

Want to understand the software better? Read the Frequently Asked Questions.

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